About the Developers

Mike and Bill Cosentino, developing partners of Gallery 23 East, bring their business acumen and vision to this innovative community development. The brothers, who have been successful in business together for over 40 years, were born, raised and currently reside in Omaha, Nebraska. Their success as a team began with the strategic and long-term growth of their family owned business, Marianna Industries. The company serviced the personal care industry through liquid manufacturing as well as distribution of dry goods. Their contract fill customers included Proctor & Gamble, Sally Beauty Supply, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club and Costco, among others. Headquartered in Omaha, the brothers also managed the expansion of manufacturing facilities to Las Vegas, NV and Memphis, TN, employing over 500 people. The Cosentinos sold the business in 2010 and have continued to work together on several professional projects. Throughout their time at Marianna, they maintained various real estate holdings from rental properties to commercial buildings to farmland. In 2016 they recognized an opportunity to support the rapid growth in Fremont and wanted to contribute to the expansion and improvement of the city and the community. They envision Gallery 23 East to be a great residential community with unique residential housing as well as a commercial area to serve as a place for convenience, relaxation and entertainment.


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